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Travertine Sealer Mishap Corrected

Improperly Applied Sealer Left Discoloration

Austin, Texas customers called us to resolve some apparent staining of their recently installed travertine floor. The installation contractor improperly applied a sealer to the grout. When the customer questioned the appearance of the floor, the contractor left the customer with the impression that some light visibility of the sealer was normal. After a few months, the residue became more and more apparent. Upon inspection, we explained to the customer that this problem (what the customers called “stains”) can happen in a variety of ways, including when residual sealer is left on the tiles to dry or when the grout sealer bleeds into the tiles.

Specialty Cleaning and Resealing

First, we applied a stone-safe, high alkaline cleaning formula to the floor, allowing the professional solution to dwell and penetrate into the stone and break down the excess sealer. Then, we scrubbed the travertine, using a heavy-duty floor machine. To remove the cleaning product and soiling from the floor, we used a floor machine that flushed the excess sealer, contaminants, and cleaning solution from the stone with hot water and high-pressure extraction.

Our high-powered fans quickly and thoroughly dried the travertine. Completely drying the floor prior to a new sealer application helped ensure there would be no issues with efflorescence, a travertine problem that leaves the stone looking chalky. Finally, the entire floor was properly sealed with an impregnating sealer to protect against water and oil-based spills.

The customer was very happy with the outcome.

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