Q. I accidentally spilled vinegar on the polished marble floor in our kitchen and now I have dull spots. Is this because the protective coating has been discolored? How can I get rid of these marks?
Q. Will my beautiful entry rug damage my natural stone floor?
Q. Where can I find information about caring for my stone?
Q. How can I bring back the beautiful shine my floors had when they were new?
Q. Is there routine maintenance I should be performing on my floor? If so, what and how often should it be done?
Q. Why can't I get rid of the water spots on my marble and travertine?
Q. My granite countertops aren't shiny anymore. What do I do?
Q. Our cleaning company recently spilled what was obviously an acidic cleaning product on our marble vanities. Though the vanity tops had been sealed, they have suffered considerable damage and have hundreds of dull spots all over them. How can this be repaired? Should we just replace them?
Q. How much dust will be created during the restoration of my floor?
Q. Do you charge an estimate fee?
Q. What is marble and natural stone restoration?
Q. What can I expect?