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Insurance Office Lobby Floor Restored

Terrazzo Floor Needed Professional Attention

A terrazzo floor in the lobby of an Austin health insurance office had been maintained by janitorial services, which serve a valuable purpose but can only accomplish so much. Without professional attention from an experienced stone restoration contractor, this floor showed significant evidence of wear. It looked dull and had virtually no gloss remaining from the original installation, and the grout lines were dirty. This lobby floor was creating a bad first impression on incoming clients. After a FREE phone consultation, the property owners scheduled terrazzo restoration services with us.

Expert Terrazzo Restoration Services

First, we honed away the surface damage. Then, we deep cleaned the grout lines to remove embedded dirt and grime and lightly polished the terrazzo to restore its reflective finish. Finally, we applied a clear impregnating sealer to inhibit staining. The office employees raved about the difference our services made. Now, when clients enter the facility, they see a fresh, clean, inviting floor.

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