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Limestone Floor Restoration


The owner of this beautiful limestone floor in an Austin, TX home was frustrated, because the floor had a dull honed finish. She really wanted to have a highly polished finish. A previous service provider made the mistake of applying a wax coating to achieve the look our client wanted. This coating looked gorgeous at first, but with time and use, the coating accentuated scratches, embedded dirt, and other damage. It had become yellowed and really diminished the elegance of the limestone. The owner wanted to see a stunning high polish on the floor, and she called us to see if we could correct the improper methods the previous service provider had used.


First, we completely stripped the wax coating from the limestone and thoroughly cleaned the residue from the tiles and grout lines. Once the wax was removed, we honed the floor using diamond resin pads to remove a thin upper layer of the stone, where the damage appeared, revealing the brand new stone underneath. We polished the limestone floor to a glossy, mirror-like finish. The final step was to apply a clear penetrating, impregnating sealer. The owner was very pleased to see the highly polished limestone restored with dramatic reflectivity and no wax coatings.

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Does your limestone floor have a dull, dirty appearance? What about chips or scratches? Gold Standard Floor Care can resolve these and other problems to restore the natural beauty of your limestone floor. Contact us online or call (512) 257-3070 for a free estimate on limestone honing and polishing services throughout the Austin, TX area.


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