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Honed Travertine Floor Cleaning

Built Up Contaminants on Travertine

Homeowners in Austin, Texas moved a rug, saw how clean and fresh the travertine under the rug looked compared to the dark, dirty surrounding area, and realized their travertine floor needed more than a standard sweep and mop. After years of normal use in a busy household, this travertine floor needed professional cleaning to remove the layers of built up dirt and grime, grease and oil, cleaning product residues, and other contaminants that had gradually accumulated.

Our Travertine Cleaning Process

First, we moved most of the furniture and took precautions to guard against accidental damage, such as masking off the wood floor transitions, protecting any delicate surfaces such as stainless appliances, and placing floor mats and runners. Next, we applied a professional strength cleaning product formulated specifically for natural stone floors and allowed it to dwell long enough to loosen the heavy build up. Our highly trained technicians hand scoured the grout lines and used a heavy-duty floor machine to scrub and deep clean the floors. We used an extremely effective combination of hot-water, high-pressure to flush and extract contaminants and then speed-dried the floors to minimize any inconvenience for the homeowner. Lastly, we applied a sealer to inhibit staining. Our clients were very satisfied to see how clean, fresh, and beautiful their floors were.

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Does your travertine floor have a dull, dirty appearance? Gold Standard Floor Care can clean and restore your travertine to its natural beauty. Contact us online or call (512) 257-3070 for a free estimate on services throughout the Austin, TX area.


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