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Flamed Granite Floor Restored

Improper Cleaning Methods

A flamed granite floor in a high-traffic lobby of an office building in Austin, Texas, was in poor condition. Dirt, oil, and grease had been tracked in from the parking lot and sidewalks. In-house, routine, mop-and-bucket cleaning methods were less than ideal, as well. They were using improperly diluted cleaning solutions followed by inadequate rinsing, which resulted in an unsightly and unsanitary layer of cleaning product residue on the floor.

Our Restoration Process

We applied a professional-strength, alkaline, degreasing cleaning product and allowed ample dwell time to soften and dissolve the buildup. Then, we scrubbed the floor tiles and grout using an auto scrubber with a high-pressure extraction system that utilizes hot water to effectively flush away waste. In the DURING image you can clearly tell which side of the floor had been cleaned and which side hadn’t. We set up fans to speed the drying process so that this lobby was ready for employees arriving to work shortly after our early morning shift ended. As you can see in the AFTER image, the floor was restored to a like-new state.

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