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Extreme Dirt Eliminated


Our Austin, TX customers recently bought a home, and they thought that the tile and grout were supposed to be dark, because the color was consistent across the floor. However, after noticing that the vertical tiles on the kitchen island were the same texture, but not dark, they realized that the floors were filthy! Dirt, oil, grease, and routine cleaning products had gradually built up on tile and grout floors. The new homeowners were concerned about walking around in their bare feet, not knowing what kind of contaminants were trapped deep within the porous grout lines and in the textured ceramic tile.


We deep cleaned the tile and grout, restoring the floors to a like-new condition. Our sanitizing system flushes and extracts contaminants that can’t be eliminated with regular sweeping, mopping, and even scrubbing. When the homeowners saw the difference our services made, they no longer had concerns about walking on the floors with bare feet.

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