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Dark Brown Grout?


An Austin, TX homeowner was frustrated with grout lines that looked darker than they were supposed to. Intensive scrubbing helped, but a week later, they would just look dark again. With a spring cleaning to-do list ready, the homeowner decided to give us a call to ask whether we could provide some long-term solution that didn’t require so much time and effort.


We deep cleaned the tile and grout floors, extracting dirt, grime, bacteria, and allergens trapped deep within the porous grout lines. Once the fresh, clean floors were dry, we applied a clear, penetrating sealer to the grout to inhibit staining and help make regular cleaning more productive. Our customer was happy, not only to be able to check one more item off of her spring cleaning to-do list, but to know that keeping her floors clean would only require a quick sweep and damp mop once per week.

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Do you think that your grout is supposed to be dark brown? Think again! Maybe it’s just time to call Gold Standard Floor Care to clean and seal your grout. Contact us online or call (512) 257-3070 for a free estimate for services throughout the Austin, TX area.