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Dull Marble Transformed


Our clients contacted us because they wanted to restore the marble tile floor in the entrance of their Austin home. The floor was installed in 1999, but since then, the shine had dissipated and the overall appearance had diminished. Gold Standard Floor Care always offers free consultations and estimates. When we arrived to review the flooring, we discovered that the marble tiles had been coated with a sealer or wax coating about 6 years prior. Over time, the sealer had been soiled, scuffed, scratched, and abused by a busy household, leaving the once pristine marble floors with a dull and dirty matte finish.


First we stripped the floors to completely remove the sealer and reveal the original marble underneath. Next, we honed the floor using a series of diamond resin pads to remove scratches that had penetrated below the sealer and into the stone. Finally, we applied a premium polishing compound and honed the marble to a beautiful satin finish. Our client was delighted to see that our efforts resulted in a like-new finish for their marble foyer floor! Look at the clarity of the window and door reflections in the AFTER image.

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Does your marble floor have a dull, dirty appearance? What about chips or scratches? Gold Standard Floor Care can resolve these and other problem to restore the natural beauty of your marble floor. Contact us online or call (512) 257-3070 for a free estimate on marble honing and polishing services throughout the Austin, TX area.