Marble that has become dull and damaged will need professional services to restore its natural beauty and keep it looking its best. At Gold Standard Floor Care, we know what it takes to make your marble surfaces look sensational.

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Limestone can become damaged (etched) by acidic substances. It is susceptible to scratching from tracked-in grit, and dulling from grime and wear. If your limestone needs cleaning, restoration, or repair, we can get it tip-top shape in no time.

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Travertine adds unique appeal to any space, from rough and ready rustic to welcoming old world charm or stunning high-polished elegance. When your travertine surfaces need to be deep-cleaned, sealed, filled, honed, polished or repaired, our expert technicians are ready and waiting.

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Granite, a stone of choice for kitchen countertops, is one of the worlds hardest materials. Even so, granite is not impervious to damage. If your granite is dirty or dull-looking, scratched, etched, or otherwise damaged, we can make it look brand new again!

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Onyx, a form of marble, is a truly stunning stone known for its incredibly rich colors and luminosity. Like other marbles, it is vulnerable to etching, wear patterns, scratches, dullness and other problems. Our expert technicians can clean, seal, hone, polish and restore your onyx surfaces to the WOW! condition you remember.

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floor refinishing service austin txSlate


Soap residue, waxes, and other topical coatings can hide or dull the beautiful charm of your slate floors and surfaces. We can strip away dull buildup, dirt, and contaminants to reveal the naturally stunning stone beneath. We can also repair chips, cracks or other damage.

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