DIY Grout Cleaning Tips

If your grout is not too badly stained, here are some at-home solutions that work well in small areas. For larger areas, or for grout lines that you can't get clean, give us a call.

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Lifeless Travertine?

If the sight of your travertine floors or shower walls is giving you the blues, professional restoration services can brighten your day. Travertine can be cleaned, repaired and restored to like new, for much less than the cost of replacement.

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Caring For Travertine

Routine Maintenance Tips for Your Travertine Tile Floors

To keep your travertine floors looking beautiful between professional cleaning and restoration, a few simple steps may be taken. In the end, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a well maintained floor resulting in less haze, fewer scratches, and an improved honed or glossed reflective finish of the tiles.

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