Granite After Refinishing
This is the same top, after we changed it to a polished finish. What a beautiful reflection!
Granite Before
The original honed finish had very little reflective quality.
Granite Before and After
Here is a side-by-side comparison of the granite before (left) and after (right) our refinishing process.

Honed Granite Finish Changed to Polished

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Travertine Shower Before
This BEFORE image shows hard water build up, soap scum, and grungy grout lines.
Travertine Shower After
This AFTER image shows the same area as the previous image, now looking clean and welcoming.
Travertine Shower Before
This BEFORE image shows the poor condition of the travertine under the faucet and the bench area.

Travertine Shower Beautifully Restored

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Back Door Entrance Before
The travertine floor at the back door entrance was exposed to dirt and grit from foot traffic from outside.
Kitchen Travertine Before
This is the travertine floor in the well-used kitchen where the greasy build up was prevalent.
Living Room After Cleaning
This image was taken after cleaning. The dirt was removed but honing was still needed to restore the reflection.

Travertine Gets Rich, Semi-Gloss Finish

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Improper Sealing
This is what the improperly sealed travertine floor looked like when we first arrived.
Improper Sealer Application
Notice the dark, patchy areas diminishing the appearance of the travertine finish.
Sealed Travertine
No more dark splotches! We restored the elegant appearance of this travertine floor.

Travertine Sealer Mishap Corrected

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Dirty Travertine
This is what the travertine floor looked like when we arrived on the job site.
Soiled Travertine
Notice the heavy soil build up in the grout lines and natural grooves of the veined travertine.
Travertine Cleaning
Our travertine cleaning process is very thorough. Attention to detail is what sets us apart from the competition.

UT Campus Travertine Restoration

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